The smartest lightweight company management platform

  • Assign tasks on the fly just right from your inbox!
  • Get control over your employees attendance!
  • Create reports for your clients with just one click!


Manage your tasks and daily routine easily!

Tired from robust and too complex taskmanagement softwares like Jira or Mantis?
Try something else!

Assign tasks DIRECTLY from your inbox

We know that you're facing hundreds of emails daily. Delegate your work and assign tasks directly from your inbox!

Gain control over your people's attendance

Do you know what are your people doing right now? Do you know how much time they spent with their tasks?

Report your tasks easily and charge your clients!

Are you sure, that you're not losing money? Are you charging your clients for tasks done by your people? Are you really sure?

From developers to developers

GrowFlow is developed by people such you are. We're developers, daily facing hundreds of change requests, bug reports and new tasks. Trying not to get mad, we developed GrowFlow.

Our casfhlow is much more stable, we're not losing time and money and our team is much better organized. Now we would like to help other companies like we are, to grow steadily.

Forget JIRA, forget Mantis and other complex softwares. No one want to work with them. Try GrowFlow for free for 30 days, and you don't want to live without it anymore. Like we do!




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Why to choose GrowFlow?

#lessismore Less is more. GrowFlow is really simple. You don't have to learn it, you don't have to push yourself to use it. You'll want to use it, once you'll try it!

Confirmed by 9 of 10 clients! Not a joke, really 9 out of 10!

#savecash GrowFlow is cheap and is saving you a lot of money. You'll be earning more, because GrowFlow is not forgetting. Try it for one month for free.

Fair prices based on users count You save much more using GF.

#controlthem Having your employees attendance and tasks under control is first prerequisity of successful company management. It has never been so easy!

Take a few days out of office And control them remotely

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